Our Client Philopshophy

Anesthesia Staffing Solutions Client Philosophy

Anesthesia Staffing Solutions offers a specialized and customized approach for each client. We take into consideration all of the elements about an assignment. We are not going to “just make it work”. We are going to find you the right anesthesia provider based of the length of assignment, culture, and any specialized needs of the facility. You will have one point of contact and that contact will be screening providers for your specific need. There is no being passed around to different people having to explain your need multiple times.

Past clients love the personalized feel of our organization and they will tell you themselves. We are happy to let you speak with our past clients to hear about their experiences.

Competitive Advantage:
Anesthesia Staffing Solutions understands the need to keep costs contained in this market. While locums are a necessary cost we can reduce that cost by 80% or more by offering billing for our locum providers on assignment. For a small one-time fee we will credential the providers with all payors and bill for services rendered on assignment. Then we will send you, the client, the documentation for what we billed for along with a check for the reimbursement minus a small billing fee. We understand the hassle to credentialing locum providers for assignment that is why we will do everything for you and cut you a check. How many other companies are offering payment back to you?